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Adoption of a child is over

Google translation from Danish Source: In ten years the number of international adoptions halved. A decline so significant that they are starting to talk about an era that is coming to an end. Adoptions went from being humanitarian aid to the Third World to become an industry with so much money involved that it ultimately… Read more »

Deathly Spiral: Adoption agencies are threatened with death

(Informal Translation) Source: DENMARK 18 NOVEMBER 2013 KL. 02.23 Adoption Agencies in several countries are struggling to survive, while the whole sector is under pressure. DORRIT SAIETZ It is not only in Denmark that private adoption agencies are struggling for economic survival during these years. From her residence in Brussels, former official of the European… Read more »

Amy: Reunited with her mother after four years

Source: (Informal translation) 27. OKT. KL. 18.38 AF DORRIT SAIETZ The International NGO Against Child Trafficking, that fights the trade in children,  helped Amy’s mother to get to Denmark. Picture: Daniel Hjorth Amy was adopted to Denmark from Ethiopia in 2009 with her sister. In 2011, Amy’s adoptive paents surrendered her to the Næstved municipality,… Read more »

Preet Mandir adoption racket: Court rejects J K Mittal’s discharge plea

Source: – Mubarak Ansari Tuesday, 23 July 2013 PUNE: A special CBI court recently rejected the discharge plea of J K Mittal, the then chairman of the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA), from his alleged involvement in ‘child adoption racket’ run by city-based Preet Mandir. The CBI investigated 70 in-country and five inter-country adoption cases… Read more »

Adoption Scandal hits now Colombia

Google Translation – Part of Article. For Full Text see LINK Corrupt orphanage and deprived poor families who lose their children to the State shakes Colombia which is among the major give countries of adopted children also to Denmark. …/… “A mother visited the orphanage seven times, but eventually got to know that her boy… Read more »

When Ramesh wanted to take his four children, they were sent to a family in Denmark

Google Translation:   Full text in Danish HERE Politiken, 12 May 2013 In 2003, four Indian siblings abducted and adopted to Denmark against their father’s will. That believes the Indian Prosecutor leading a major case against the perpetrator, who is also accused of similar cases. The children’s father, Ramesh Kulkarni, the year before been widowed… Read more »

Human trafficking NGO believes that the move is a step forward, but could have less than desirable consequences

Source: Christian Wenande May 10, 2013 – 14:22 Adoptions have dropped since revelations that ‘child harvesters’ were being used in Ethiopia to lure local families into putting their children up for adoption (Photo: Colourbox) A new report from the parliamentary ombudsman to the national social appeals board, Ankestyrelsen, about adoption rules means that biological parents… Read more »

Adopted Children: Right to family contact

Google Translation (Part of Text)  – Full Text HERE Ministry of Social Affairs has seen the report that finds that biological parents and children, as a starting point, cannot be separated by adoption. Politiken, 9 May 2013 Dorrit Saietz A month ago,  four Ethiopian mothers met up at the Danish Embassy in the Ethiopian capital,… Read more »

Adoption children’s home questioned (Pisingos)

Date: 2013-04-27 [GOOGLE TRANSLATION] Source: Investigting mysterious donation in London for $ 3.4 million With nearly half a century of tradition in child protection and adoption, cFoundation was suspended. By: Hernández Quevedo Norbey In order to help homeless children, in May 1968 a group of 22 couples decided to create Pisingos Foundation in Bogota…. Read more »

DanAdopt attended the meeting

Source: 23 APRIL 2013 [GOOGLE TRANSLATION] As the Appeals Board should assess criticism of DanAdopt eligibility, the  adoption agency attended the meeting, said the local officials from the region. By Line Gertsen and Ditte Bannor-Kristensency – It’s crazy. So clearly says Left’s social spokesman Eivind Vesselbo himself. Also he has been made aware that since… Read more »