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Either she’s lying – or is important information lost

Source: [GOOGLE TRANSLATION] Neither the Appeals Board or Social Security will answer why information about the men not in the confidential report, which the Minister has presented. 23 APRIL 2013 PM. 22:02 Social Affairs Karen Hækkerup: We are going to go the field of international adoptions through with a magnifying glass … By Line Gertsen… Read more »

AC International Child Support: The law must be changed

Source: HTTP://WWW.DR.DK [GOOGLE TRANSLATION] 10 April 2013 Organization AC International Child would have done international adoptions open, but it requires a change in the law. Written by: Line Gertsen and Ditte Bannor-Kristensen Chairperson Pia Brandsnes from AC International Child Support says now that adoptions from cultures as the Ethiopian should be open: – What you have… Read more »

Adoption: We were instructed to lie in court

Date: 2013-04-09 Source: [GOOGLE TRANSLATION] Police have investigated Danish adoption agency’s methods in Ethiopia. AT. 20:42 Alemsthay Degefu adopted her baby to Denmark, but she told BBC News how DanAdopt Ethiopian partner orphanage ENAT Alem, instructed her to lie in court, so the adoption could go through. Written by: Line Gertsen and Ditte Bannor-Kristensen Hitherto… Read more »

UNICEF: Child harvesters is a known phenomenon

Source: http://www.dr.d GOOGLE TRANSLATION: Adoption agency DanAdopt refused Sunday to know about the word ‘children harvest’, although it is a common phenomenon. 8 April 2013 Gimma Kebele worked for DanAdopt’s now closed orphanage in Ethiopia, ENAT Alem. Beside the job as a night watchman, he earned money to find suitable families and convince them that they… Read more »

Ethiopian orphanage used ‘child harvesters’ to find children

Source: Ray Weaver April 8, 2013 – 15:05 DanAdopt’s closed orphanage used an intermediary to convince families to put their children up for adoption This woman said she had no idea her children would never return when she allowed them to be adopted in Denmark (Screen Shot: DR/ 21 Søndag) Adoptions from the the Enat… Read more »

Adoptions: Used false death certificates

Source: I have used fake death certificates of biological parents of Ethiopian adopted children who have come to Denmark. 08TH APRIL 2013 KL. 21:34 By: Line Gertsen and Ditte Bannor-Kristensen Ethiopian adopted children have come to Denmark, in which were used fake death certificates for the biological parents. The children’s parents have been declared dead… Read more »

Ethiopian girl had her adoption revoked

Politiken | 14.02.2013 | Page 7 Betty and her mother after the Court hearing. ADOPTION A Dutch adoption case, which looks like the two Danish cases has ended happily – at least for the girl Betty, who is now her real parents daughter again.

Ethiopia/Denmark: Journalist assaulted after adoption case

Date:  2013-01-14 Source: INFORMAL TRANSLATION, published in Danish in Politiken Politiken contact in Addis Ababa, which helped to reveal orphanage, was beaten and had a hospital. By Dorrit SAIETZ The Ethiopian journalist Abraham F., which since July has been working with Politiken to investigate DanAdopt company in the country, has been subjected to a… Read more »

Documentary puts Danadopt on the spot

Source: 27. nov. 2012 12.54 English Adoption agency Danadopt is facing fierce criticism after the premiere of a new Danish documentary that features an Ethiopian couple reluctantly giving up their two children, aged 2 and 4, for adoption in Denmark. “To me, it looks an awful lot like human trafficking,” said documentary filmmaker Katrine W…. Read more »