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Denmark to resume child adoption from India

Source: Tuesday October 9, 2009 New Delhi, Oct 9 (PTI) Denmark has lifted ban on adoption of children from India, four months after it had stopped child adoptions from here in the wake of reports alleging that some of the children could have been abducted. “We have forwarded a report prepared by the Central… Read more »

Foreign adoptions down

Source: 18. feb 2009  Danes are adopting fewer foreign children and more children from Danish spouses, according to the latest figures from Statistics Denmark. Last year, 308 foreign children were adopted – the lowest figures in the 35 years statistics have been collated.

Adoptionsstop fra Indien ophævet

Source: 2007-10-05 Det midlertidige stop for adoptioner fra Indien, som blev indført i juni, ophæves i dag. Det har familie- og forbrugerminister Carina Christensen besluttet på baggrund af anbefalinger fra Familiestyrelsen.

‘Cheated’ dad can’t get back kids

Source: ANANYA SENGUPTA Mumbai, June 15 2007: When a jobless and widowed Ramesh Kulkarni left his four children with a Pune orphanage four years ago, he was asked to sign a harmless-looking 20-rupee stamp paper for “admission procedures”. NGOs and a Danish TV channel say it was a consent form for adoption, about which… Read more »

Date: 2007-06-11 Source: PR Inside COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Denmark on Monday suspended all adoptions from India after a news report claimed that some of the children who have been adopted in the Scandinavian country could have been abducted. «I am concerned about the conditions that have surfaced,» said Carina Christensen, the consumer and family… Read more »

Europeans Get Around Sperm And Egg Donor Regulations

Source: December 03, 2006 The booming egg donor market in the United States is pulling in British donors who want to make extra money. The sale of eggs is illegal in this country, but in America, the industry is worth an estimated $4.5bn (£2.4bn). Donors with the right physical, personal and intellectual attributes can… Read more »

Romania – 31 children disappeared abroad

Source: Ziarul de Iasi AUTOR: CARMEN MAFTEI DATA PUBLICARII: 27/06/2006 Potrivit Oficiului Roman pentru Adoptii, 31 de orfani ieseni luati de familii din strainatate sint disparuti fara urma. „Despre cei 31 de copii insa nu stim nimic“, ne-a spus si Pintilii Penciuc. Unii dintre acesti copii au fost adoptati dupa ce adoptiile internationale au fost… Read more »

An Angry Doctor Battles a Gruesome Black Market in Asian Children

Date: 1981-12-07 Source:,,20080865,00.html In nearly a decade of treating the destitute in the slums of Bangladesh and Calcutta, British physician Jack Preger has witnessed more than a lifetime of misery and squalor. His patients are the homeless who scavenge for shelter in any dark corner, the helpless ridden with disease and the hopeless who can… Read more »