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Indo-french baby trade commission

Source: French man, Indian woman booked for taking infants out of the country with fake documents; cops say it’s part of a larger scam Abhijit Sathe Posted On Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 03:44:18 AM The Mumbai Police is searching for a 22-year-old woman believed to be the key in a large scam involving… Read more »

Salvadoran group dogged in search for children missing years ago in civil war

Source:   POSTED: Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011  By KEN ELLINGWOOD – Los Angeles Times GUARJILA, EL SALVADOR Her name is Milagro, or it was before her mother’s heart broke into a million bits. The girl was 4, dark-toned and skinny. On the day soldiers took her away, she wore a violet dress with short sleeves and tiny pleats…. Read more »

Libya: 105 Children Kidnapped in Misrata Orphanage

Source: Posted: 2011/07/13 From: Mathaba World silent as Libyan children abducted and disappear abroad to unknown fate TRIPOLI (mathaba)—“Libya´s Social Welfare minister Ibrahim Sharif has denounced that 53 young girls and 52 boys were kidnapped from the Misrata Orphanage,” said Telesur TV special envoy to the Northern African nation, Rolando Segura.

L’adoption internationale : une priorité qu’on veut nous imposer

Date: 2011-06-27 Source: Haïti: Cet article est dédié à tous les parents haïtiens qui jusqu’à ce jour gardent l’espoir de retrouver leurs enfants séparés d’eux à la suite du tremblement de terre du 12 janvier 2010. Quelques jours après le tremblement de terre de 2010, un journaliste étranger écrivait : l’adoption internationale n’est pas une aide… Read more »

Babies just another commodity

Source: 18 June, 2011 In rural Nepal, where the going rate for a healthy orphan is US$6000 ($7449), about 600 children are missing. They were taken by agents who came to the villages promising parents they would educate the children and give them a better life in the capital, sometimes for a steep fee…. Read more »

Profit, not care: The ugly side of overseas adoptions

Date: 2011-06-05 Source: Lax regulation and an endless demand by childless couples in the West has created an often exploitative market in babies born in the developing world By Laurie Penny Sunday, 5 June 2011 In rural Nepal, where the going rate for a healthy orphan is $5,000 (£3,000), some 600 children are missing…. Read more »

Une demande d’adoption en France ne peut s’appuyer sur un acte notarié non légalisé dans le pays d’origine

Date: 2011-04-06 Source: Par un avis rendu le 4 avril 2011 (n°11-00005P), en conformité avec les conclusions de l’avocat Général, Odile Falletti, la Cour de cassation a estimé qu’était sans effet devant les juridictions françaises, un consentement par acte authentique non légalisé, donné à l’étranger par les parents biologiques en vue de l’adoption plénière… Read more »

Teodor Baconschi: Government’s position is firm, Romania will not resume international adoptions

3 April 2011 Source: Romania for Export Only Commenting on Wikileaks, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister reconfirmed Romania’s commitment to no not resume the export of children. From    Baconschi Photo: Agerpres The Romanian Government’s position not to allow the resumption of international adoptions remains firm, although there is ”lobbying” from several European countries and the U.S., said Foreign Minister Baconschi on Sunday to Pro TV, according to Mediafax.

Imbroglio juridique pour les enfants haïtiens adoptés

Source:  Publié le 31/03/2011 Les enfants récemment arrivés d’Haïti se retrouvent dans un flou juridique. Une association de parents accuse les autorités françaises et vient de saisir le Conseil d’Etat. On pensait close la polémique autour des enfants haïtiens adoptés par des familles françaises. Il n’en est rien et l’imbroglio politique et diplomatique qui… Read more »