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Israel mulling Haiti adoptions

Source: Welfare minister orders officials to look into possibility of adopting Haitian orphans; ‘We will work vis-à-vis authorities in Haiti to determine number of children to be adopted,’ Isaac Herzog tells Ynet Roni Sofer Published: 01.23.10, 18:59 / Israel News Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog has ordered officials to look into the… Read more »

Egg scandal: Doctor uses son’s adoption as line of defense

Source: Defense attorney for Dr. Harry Miron, who is held by Romanian authorities on suspicion of egg trafficking, claims his client was never motivated by greed, but rather by his wife’s experience with IVF Attila SomfalviPublished: 07.27.09, 14:08 / Israel News Dr. Harry Miron, the Israeli owner of the Sabyc Fertility Clinic in Bucharest,… Read more »

High Court rules that parental age no impediment to adoption

Source: Date: 2008-03-26 By Ofra Edelman The High Court of Justice ruled yesterday that children from abroad can be adopted by parents more than 48 years their senior if special circumstances justify it. The court ruled that when such adoptions are denied due to the age gap, the decision can be reconsidered by an… Read more »

Adoption shakedown – childless couple left without money and without baby

Source:  Last update – 11:32 13/03/2008 By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent They were married 10 years ago. When the wife couldn’t get pregnant she began fertility treatments. “We underwent numerous treatments. Every time we asked about adoption we were told to try another treatment,” the husband says bitterly. When they despaired and finally decided… Read more »

52 children adopted have gone

01 Oct 2007 Mariana Iancu County Department of Child Protection Constanta advertising do not know anything of the fate of 52 children who been adopted internationally in the period 1997-2000. Chief Directorate, Peter Dinica, said the Romanian Office for Adoption (ORA) has not submitted any report postadoptie, as was the procedure. The 52 children are… Read more »

Romania’s orphans – millions of euro at stake

Source: Pound Pup Legacy from: October 9, 2006 Many European organizations involved in a forceful lobby for the resumption of international adoptionsIt isn’t charity, it is business. The European Parliament’s resolution – adopted on the 10th of July 2006 and signed by 407 MEPs that asked the Romanian Government to authorize international adoptions for… Read more »

Israelis Can Now Adopt Children from India.

Source: Publication: Israel Faxx Date: Wednesday, November 12 2003 By Ruth Sinai, Ha’aretz Correspondent Israelis may now adopt children from India, according to an agreement reached about a month ago between the two countries. It is expected to help many Israeli families, as there are few states from which children can be adopted. initially… Read more »

Romania probes Israeli adoption agency link in organ trafficking

Source: Last update – 01:18 12/12/2001 By Ran Reznick Romanian authorities are looking into possible links between Israeli adoption agencies and an illegal global conspiracy to sell organs for transplants. The Romanian Embassy in Israel has asked for, and received from the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, a list of all children born in… Read more »

Adoption logjam as Romania targets `baby trade’

Date: 1991-06-25  Adrian Foreman Newsday In response to international outrage over the sale of orphaned babies to American, European and Israeli adoptive parents, the Romanian government has banned adoptions through state agencies but left foreign embassies to screen applicants for private adoptions. The temporary ban, an attempt to deal with the “baby trade,” the most… Read more »

Israelis Hear About Bribery In Latin America Adoptions

Source: Date: 1988-07-18 She is just one among hundreds of Israelis to adopt Brazilian-born infants, and she insists that her son’s papers are all in order. She is just one among hundreds of Israelis to adopt Brazilian-born infants, and she insists that her son’s papers are all in order. But at the same time, she… Read more »