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El Salvador’s kidnaped children search for their parents

Source: Kairosphotos Date: 2006-01-01 By Paul Jeffrey Response magazine Marina Dolores Ortiz spent 17 years worrying she had lost her family. Yet she kept on searching, not knowing that her mother was simultaneously looking for her. When they finally came together, it was an emotional moment.

Adoptii Internationale Cu Substituire De Copii

Source: Date: 2005-10-20 Au fost infiati de parinti straini, dar nu au ajuns niciodata la ei. 33 de copii romani care au primit sentinta definitiva de adoptie internationala au ramas in tara. Pina in prezent, autoritatile confirma ca, in cel putin doua dintre cazuri, in locul lor au fost trimisi alti copii.

Babies-for-sale trade faces a global crackdown

Source: Guardian Date: 2004-11-21 Attempts by Western families to adopt children from poor nations have fuelled a rogue market in young lives. But at last action is being taken. Carolyn Wheeler reports from Lviv, Ukraine

Trafficking of babies : also in Portugal and Italy

Source: Le Parisien Date: 2004-08-02 “WE are not the only European country in which applicants for adoption experience difficulties, a police officer commented yesterday in Paris after a scandal of trafficking of babies erupted in Portugal. There is such a request, such expectations, that it is not surprising that some networks are taking advantage to… Read more »

EC issues ultimatum to Romania: stop child exports

Source: By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels 04 Feb 2004 The European Commission has warned Romania to halt the export of children for adoption or face a bar on EU membership and the severance of aid funds. The commission wrote to Adrian Nastase, the prime minister, warning that his government’s conduct failed to meet the “political… Read more »

Rwandan children to stay in Italy

Source: BBC Tuesday, 14 November, 2000, 23:21 GMT Many Rwandan children were evacuated to Europe An Italian priest has rejected demands by the Rwandan Government to have 41 children adopted in Italy after the 1994 genocide sent back home. The priest, Don Roberto Lombardi who organised the adoption said that the children had been legally… Read more »

Officials Demand Return Of Children

Source: Wednesday, August 16, 2000        Rwanda has called for international assistance in securing the return of some 30,000 children who were flown out of the country during the 1994 genocide, BBC Online reports.

Vietnam jails baby smugglers

Source: Friday, 31 March, 2000, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK Illegal sales of children went on for six years A court in the northern Vietnamese province of Ninh Binh has sentenced 12 people for their roles in selling children for foreign adoption.

El Salvador’s Stolen Children Face a War’s Darkest Secret

Source: New York Times By LARRY ROHTER Published: August 5, 1996 He was only 5 when he saw his mother and younger brother killed and the soldiers took him away to their base in a helicopter. She was just 6 when she was separated from her parents during a bombing raid and delivered to an… Read more »

Baby-trade gangs face global curbs

Source: Date: 1995-03-20 LEONARD DOYLE The Independent In Moscow last year, Laura Binkley, a Canadian aged 36 who was employed by an unlicensed US adoption firm, the Adam Children’s Fund International, was murdered for the takings of her safe. In the safe was between $2,000 ( pounds 1,300), according to her employers, and $40,000, according… Read more »