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Every three days, a child returned. Adoptions fail in Italy.

Date: 2016-03-13 Source: Ogni tre giorni restituito un bimbo. Così falliscono le adozioni in Italia Bugie e genitori lasciati soli: cento famiglie l’anno si arrendono. La commissione del governo accusa i troppi enti, ma non vigila Attraverso il sistema nazionale lo scorso anno sono stati adottati mille bambini. Altrettanti sono stati dati in affido preadottivo…. Read more »

Congo clears the way for 72 adoptions after 2-year wait

Source: By the Associated Press | November 2, 2015 | 10:35 AM EST KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Congo’s government cleared the way Monday for dozens of children to join their adoptive families abroad after more than two years of waiting, though a further 1,000 others will have to remain in orphanages for now. Fourteen of… Read more »

Italy-Kyrgyzstan scandal, five persons on the list of suspects

7 October 2015 Source: The Italian deputy public prosecutor terminated the investigation concerning the Italian adoption agency L’Airone (Herron). Five people are accused of criminal association aimed at fraud. 21 families are involved, who are now demanding even institutional responses. Allegedly Italian families were matched with children in Kyrgyzstan. The children were not officially “adoptable”.  Cash… Read more »

Italy: international adoptions fell by 49% in a few years

Source: Google Translation Bureaucracy and prohibitive costs: international adoptions fell by 49% in a few years Published: 06/06/2015 ” From 2008 to 2014 Italy has experienced a real collapse in the face of international adoptions, which recorded a decrease of 49% : are dramatic numbers that dictate the need to implement and strengthen all… Read more »

Italy: International adoptions. In the first quarter of 2015 the decline does not stop:15% foreign children less adopted by Italian families

International adoptions. In the first quarter of 2015 the decline does not stop:15% foreign children less adopted by Italian families Source: (Google translation) Date: 15/04/16the absence of official data on international adoptions in our country, we have to resort once again to projections. The Commission for International Adoptions, which in the past made public… Read more »

Congo: Pittella and Kyenge, from Kinshasa commitment ok adoptions

Source: Mission of the S & D in the African country (Google translation) 08 April 2015 BRUSSELS – “Adoptions in Congo may soon resume. By the Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo and the Congolese Minister of Justice, Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, we were reassured about the government’s desire to deblock and facilitate the process of adoptions… Read more »

Family blocked in Santo Domingo

Source: (Google Translation) Montecosaro, chaos in adoptions: couple with two children can not go back. They are there since November Franco Veroli Macerata, April 15, 2015 – RETURN delayed to Italy – no one knows when – for a couple of Montecosaro, blocked in the Dominican Republic , where they had adopted two children, because… Read more »


(google translation) Source: Repubblica Italy recorded a considerable drop (7.2 percent) in a field in which it was always seen as in the lead in Europe. Often prohibitive costs, bureaucratic difficulties, contrasts with countries. The economic conditions of couples fustrate a dream pursued for years: few can ensure business continues when dominates increasingly precarious. But… Read more »

The Minister, Congo and Sister Benedicta

Source: (Google Translation) Date: 02/16/15 Here is the article written by Giuseppe Lo Bianco and published by The Daily Saturday, February 14, 2015. The journalist reported the interpellation submitted on 12 February by the senator of Popular Area, Aldo Di Biagio, on the modus operandi in the Democratic Republic of Congo unclear CAI (Commission… Read more »

Congo, 22 children abducted who are to be adopted by Italian couples

Source: The children were taken by force by three men with a French accent. While the Foreign Ministry is silent, Congo will investigate. Andrea Riva – Tue, 20/01/2015 – 09:28 In fact, this seems to be darker than it looks. As reported today by the Daily Done, which incorporates the Congolese newspaper Le Potentiel,… Read more »