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Auslandsadoptionen – das Geschäft mit der Armut

Source: WDR Mittwoch, 31. März 2010, 21.55 – 22.10 Uhr . (with English subtitles) Auch wenn die meisten kinderlosen Paare in Deutschland und Europa Gutes im Sinn haben, wenn sie ein Kind im Ausland adoptieren wollen – der jüngste Versuch, vermeintliche Waisenkinder aus Haiti ins Ausland zu schmuggeln, zeigt: Hinter der Adoptionsbranche steht eine markttüchtige… Read more »

‘Child wanted, cash paid’ The shady world of adoption

Source: Atlantic Times By Thomas Schuler, March 2010 Former EU official Roelie Post campaigns worldwide against foreign adoption. She says the line between foreign adoption and child trafficking is too often blurred. She also sees potential danger in plans to introduce a trans national “European Adoption” authority. When Roelie Post, along with a translator and… Read more »


Source: Date: 2010-01-16 The Mail reporter who revealed the reason Ireland had to end its adoption agreement with Vietnam returns to the country…and makes another deeply disturbing discovery; SPECIAL REPORT. Byline: by Simon Parry in Vietnam The Mail reporter who revealed the reason Ireland had to end its adoption agreement with Vietnam returns to… Read more »

Romania should withstand pressure to lift ban on international adoptions

Source: RUPERT WOLFE MURRAY 13.11.2009 @ 15:34 CET EUOBSERVER / COMMENT – Ever since Romania prohibited international adoptions in 2001 it has been pressurised by the leaders of France, Italy, Israel, Spain and the US to lift the ban. Behind these politicians are private adoption agencies, adoptive parents and others interested in getting children… Read more »

Girl reunited with father after 16 years in central China

Source:  2009-11-12 17:17 BJT BEIJING, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) — A 21-year-old Swiss-Chinese girl was reunited with her birth father Wednesday after 16 years in Central China’s Hubei province, according to Thursday’s China Daily. “My house is like that, my door is like that, my kitchen is like that,” said Wang Gaoqin, who burst into tears… Read more »

Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says

Source: CNN September 12, 2009 Children stolen for adoption in the U.S., Sweden, Italy and France, report says Some parents were killed, others were unharmed when soldiers came calling Investigators examined period between 1977 and 1989, ‘peak’ adoption period Reports says many more could have been taken, investigation underway


Source: SUA şi UE forţează redeschiderea adopţiilor internaţionale de Mircea Opris, 23/07/2009 Jurnalul Naţional a intrat în posesia unui document oficial al Congresului SUA, prin care 8 senatori şi 13 membri ai Congresului American cereau Guvernului român, încă din luna mai, redeschiderea adopţiilor in­ternaţionale. În paralel, Comitetul pentru Protecţia Copilului a făcut aceleaşi “recomandări”… Read more »

The curious case of Tristan Dowse

Source: Joe and Lala Dowse were an affluent, attractive couple who had everything except for a child of their own. So they adopted a little Indonesian boy. When things didn’t work out, they placed the toddler in an orphanage in his home country. An international political and legal battle then ensued over this small,… Read more »

La France veut combler son retard

Source: Figaro Juliette Chain et Agnès Leclair Unofficial translation from Adoption : la France veut combler son retard Thanks to the funding of humanitarian projects, the USA, but also Italy and Spain, host many more children from abroad. Paris prepareS itself to copy their more efficient methods. Everyone starts doing it. In respect of Intercountry… Read more »