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A 13- year-old adopted girl puts a bomb under the adoption system

17 February 2014 English subtitles Transcript: 13 -year-old Amy was adopted by Danish parent 4,5 years ago. Now her biological mother is going to court to revoke the adoption, because Amy was never happy with her new Danish family. It means a lot, it affects me, it makes me really sad that it daily life… Read more »

Menor adoptada de 13 años dinamita el sistema de adopciones

English subtitles Amy, de 13 años fue adoptada por padres daneses hace 4,5 años. Ahora su madre biológica va a juicio para revocar la adopción porque Amy nunca fue feliz con su nueva familia danesa. Significa mucho, me afecta mucho, me hace tan infeliz que mi vida diaría y la escuela son muy dificiles. Bienvenidos… Read more »

Næstved cancels Amy’s family visit to Ethiopia

Source: By: Dorrit Saietz 28 January 2014 (Google Translation): A lawsuit brought by Amy’s Ethiopian mother to lift the adoption is used as justification that the 14-year-old girl will not be allowed to visit her homeland after four and a half years in Denmark. The plane tickets have long been ordered, and Amy spoke… Read more »

Remember Masho? Still does not have contact with her parents

Source: (translated from Danish) By Susanne Johansson Monday 20 January 2014 Scene from the harsh documentary ‘adoption price of a child ‘, which created uproar among very many Danes. Here little Masho arrives to Denmark. (Photo: Frithiof Film) It is just over a year ago that the gripping documentary ‘adoption price of a child’ [Mercy Mercy]… Read more »

Amy’s mother at the Ministry of Social Affairs

(Informal transaltion from Danish) ADOPTION Social Affairs Minister Annette Vilhelmsen (SF) heard what it is like to lose children for adoption. 31 October 2013 by Dorrit SAIETZ, Politiken A long journey has led Genet Kedir from Ethiopia to Denmark, where she is received by the Social Affairs Minister Annette Vilhelmsen (SF) . The Minister had… Read more »

Amy: Reunited with her mother after four years

Source: (Informal translation) 27. OKT. KL. 18.38 AF DORRIT SAIETZ The International NGO Against Child Trafficking, that fights the trade in children,  helped Amy’s mother to get to Denmark. Picture: Daniel Hjorth Amy was adopted to Denmark from Ethiopia in 2009 with her sister. In 2011, Amy’s adoptive paents surrendered her to the Næstved municipality,… Read more »

Albtraum Adoption

Source: 22.5.2013 | 22.55 | SF1 23.3.2013 | 05.10 | SF1 Senkenesh und Hussen leben in Äthiopien und haben fünf Kinder. Als sie die Diagnose Aids bekommen und ihnen ein Arzt sagt, sie hätten nur noch fünf Jahre zu leben, beschliessen sie schweren Herzens, ihre beiden jüngsten Kinder zur Adoption freizugeben. Gert und Henriette in… Read more »

Adopted Children: Right to family contact

Google Translation (Part of Text)  – Full Text HERE Ministry of Social Affairs has seen the report that finds that biological parents and children, as a starting point, cannot be separated by adoption. Politiken, 9 May 2013 Dorrit Saietz A month ago,  four Ethiopian mothers met up at the Danish Embassy in the Ethiopian capital,… Read more »

Biological parents have the right to contact with adopted children

Source: DENMARK 8 MAY 2013 KL. 1.23 When a child is adopted, it must not be cut off from contact with the original parents. That states the Appeals Board under the Ministry of Social Affairs as a result of the cases of Amy and Masho. It can change practice. By DORRIT SAIETZ A total reorientation… Read more »