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Help Kairi Sheperd an Adopted Indian Girl Stay in Her Home in the U.S.

Source: May 27, 2012 Kairi Sheperd by Rita Banerji Kairi’s story forces us to ask many questions about the fate of  India children who are adopted abroad. How do you determine where a person belongs? Is it determined by the color of their skin? The place of their birth? Or is it determined by… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Kairi Abha Shepherd’s unedited answers to India America

Source: Article | May 27, 2012 – 1:03pm | By Tejinder Singh Washington DC – Kairi Abha Shepherd responded to questions from India America Today through a mutual connection; below are her unedited answers. Kairi, like her foreign-born siblings, was raised a Mormon. None of them were granted US citizenship, which raises the question… Read more »

Citizen of no land: The story of Kairi Shepherd

Source: by Danish RazaMay 25, 2012 Kairi Shepherd, a 30 year-old Indian-origin adoptee is staring at the prospect of deportation from United States to India and says being sent back to India would end her life as she knows it. “The deportation order which may force me to part from my physicians, family, and… Read more »

India steps in for Kairi Shepherd

Source: 25 May 2012, 2107 hrs IST, AGENCIES India today asked the United States to treat with “utmost compassion” the issue of deportation of Indian-American orphan Kairi Abha Shepherd who faces the prospect of being sent back to her country of birth where she was adopted by an American woman 30 years ago. “It’s… Read more »

Indian Consulate awakens to plight of woman under cloud of deportation

Source: Article | May 22, 2012 – 3:36am Washington DC -There was a reaction from Indian diplomatic offices in San Francisco on Monday evening (May 21) as India America Today inquired about an Indian-born American resident, Kairi Abha Shepherd, adopted into an American family as an infant in 1982 and now facing likely deportation… Read more »

Govt may help Kairi Shepherd

Source: Cheta Chauhan, Hindustan Times New Delhi, May 20, 2012 The Indian government may provide help to 30-year-old Kairi Shepherd, who faces threat of deporation from United States after a local court rejected her claim for residency. Kairi Shepherd was just three months old when she adopted by Erlene Shepherd from an orphanage in… Read more »

Indian adopted at 3 months faces deportation at 30

Source: Article | May 16, 2012 – 10:05pm | By Tejinder Singh Washington DC – Media outlets in India are abuzz with news of Melanie Kannokada, Miss India America 2007, arriving in Bollywood to play Seeta, an Indian girl adopted by American parents. In contrast, a real life drama is unfolding for another India-born… Read more »