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Birth parents want to see ‘trafficked’ child

Source: The Australian  By Sean Parnell | September 03, 2008 Girl allegedly stolen by child traffickers Adopted by Queensland couple Birth parents now want to see her THE Indian birth parents of a nine-year-old girl allegedly stolen by child-traffickers before being adopted by an unwitting Queensland couple have now asked to see her.

Stolen child ‘OK to stay in Queensland’

Source: Stolen child “ok to stay in Queensland  Scott Carney, August 30, 2008 November 11th, 1998, was like any other day in Chennai: hot and humid. Fatima, a young housewife with three children left her house for a grocery run across the street while two of her children, Zabeen, 2, and Sadaam Hussein, 4, played… Read more »

‘Stolen’ kids traced to Dutch orphanage

8/28/2008 6:47:40 PM The case of stolen children sold to foster parents abroad by a child adoption agency Malaysian Social Services is getting murkier. The parents of two children allegedly ‘sold’ to foster parents in Holland have revealed to TIMES NOW that they had received a letter after 12 years from their children that were… Read more »

Adoption racket opens a can of worms Neeta KolhatkarSunday, August 24, 2008 4:13 IST Adopted, abused, deported MUMBAI: The story of Jennifer H, a Mumbai girl who was deported from the US on July 1, 2008 illustrates the hazards of adoption, especially if conducted by little-known organisations.

Malawi court delays Madonna adoption ruling

Thu 15 May 2008, 8:36 GMT LILONGWE (Reuters) – Malawi’s High Court has delayed its final ruling on whether U.S. pop diva Madonna may adopt a two-year-old Malawian boy until next week, her lawyer said on Thursday. “We are finished with the proceedings today from our side, and the judge has decided to reserve his… Read more »

Adoptionsstop fra Indien ophævet

Source: 2007-10-05 Det midlertidige stop for adoptioner fra Indien, som blev indført i juni, ophæves i dag. Det har familie- og forbrugerminister Carina Christensen besluttet på baggrund af anbefalinger fra Familiestyrelsen.

Black Label bottle, cash and a child

Source: Date: 2007-06-19 By Pune: A CNN-IBN Special Investigation blew the lid off one of India’s biggest adoption agencies that has broken every adoption rule in the land to sell babies illegally to foreign parents. The Special Invstigation team exposed how this racket is nothing more than pure greed dressed up as charity…. Read more »

‘Cheated’ dad can’t get back kids

Source: ANANYA SENGUPTA Mumbai, June 15 2007: When a jobless and widowed Ramesh Kulkarni left his four children with a Pune orphanage four years ago, he was asked to sign a harmless-looking 20-rupee stamp paper for “admission procedures”. NGOs and a Danish TV channel say it was a consent form for adoption, about which… Read more »

‘OM moet eigen onderzoek doen in adoptiezaken’

door Jolande van der Graaf Telegraaf, 28 mei 2007 AMSTERDAM – Het openbaar ministerie dient een diepgravend onderzoek te openen naar mogelijke strafbare praktijken door adoptiebureau Meiling en naar de rol van justitieambtenaren in het schandaal rond de Indiase kinderen. Dat zeggen strafrechtdeskundigen die de zaak op verzoek van De Telegraaf hebben bestudeerd. Minister Hirsch… Read more »