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No Haitian Children for Adoption in Finland

Source: published Jan 20 07:30 PM, updated Jan 21 07:15 AM Girl being fed at a hospital in Haiti. Haitian children have no chance of being adopted by Finns despite last week’s earthquake disaster. Finnish adoption agencies currently have no permission to organise adoptions from the country. In some countries the rush to adopt children… Read more »

The authorities in Haiti have given permission for 109 Haitian children to go to the Netherlands for adoption.

Date:  2010-01-18 Source: RNW The authorities in Haiti have given permission for 109 Haitian children to go to the Netherlands for adoption. Adoptive parents have yet to be found for nine of the children, and they will be placed in temporary foster homes. Development and adoption agency Wereldkinderen and the Netherlands Adoption Foundation have chartered… Read more »

Het draait om geld, geld, geld

Source: DE VERDIEPING 22 DECEMBER 2009 Iris Pronk Arun Dohle en Roelie Post. © FOTO WERRY CRONE, TROUW Adoptie is gelegaliseerde kinderhandel, zeggen Roelie Post en Arun Dohle. Samen richtten zij Against Child Trafficking op. Als het aan hen ligt, is interlandelijke adoptie over vijf jaar verdwenen. Aan de muur van hun kantoortje in… Read more »


Source:  10 May 2009 Uncle offered money for niece after web advert Marc Baker Madonna’s bid to adopt a baby girl from an African orphanage has been rocked by a cash-for-care scandal at the children’s home. The uncle of a two-year-old told a court in Malawi a couple who want to adopt his niece… Read more »

Netherlands limits adoptions of US children

Source: 22 April 2009 THE HAGUE (AFP) — The Dutch government said Wednesday it would make it more difficult to adopt American children, who formed the third largest group of foreign adoptions in the Netherlands last year. “The adoption of children from the United States will be subjected to stricter requirements,” the justice ministry said… Read more »

OM België wil adoptieouders baby Donna vervolgen

Source: Uitgegeven:2 april 2009 11:30 BRUSSEL – Het Belgische Openbaar Ministerie (OM) wil de draagmoeder van baby Donna en de Nederlandse pleegouders alsnog voor de rechter dagen. De reden is het ”mensonwaardig behandelen van een kind”.

‘Stolen’ kids traced to Dutch orphanage

8/28/2008 6:47:40 PM The case of stolen children sold to foster parents abroad by a child adoption agency Malaysian Social Services is getting murkier. The parents of two children allegedly ‘sold’ to foster parents in Holland have revealed to TIMES NOW that they had received a letter after 12 years from their children that were… Read more »

Girls seized, handed over for adoption

Source: Foreign families paid officials and orphanages Fiona Tam Jul 02, 2009 About 80 newborn baby girls from a county in Guizhou have been confiscated from their parents by family planning officials since 2001 and handed over to foreign adoptive parents as orphans at a price of US$3,000 each, state media reported. Struggling farmers… Read more »

Broken, broken by the “Adoption Mafia’

De Telegraaf, 2 June 2007 The scandal around fifty illegally adopted Indian children is only the tip of the iceberg. Only in recent months similar practices came to light in Sri Lanka and Nepal, where hundreds of children are being channeled for big money to Western (probably Dutch) adoptive parents, pedophile rings and possibly even… Read more »