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Struck down by the ‘adoption mafia’

Date: 2019-01-30 Source: By Wierd Duk AMSTERDAM – Whistleblowers must feel safe, politicians emphasize time and time again. However, in practice, isolation and fear often threaten. Roelie Post exposed the international ‘Adoptive Mafia’ and paid a high personal price. She is not in hiding, but where she stays exactly in the Netherlands, Roelie Post (59)… Read more »

Investigation into the role of Dutch civil servants in illegal adoptions

Source: An independent committee will investigate abuses in adoptions of foreign children by the Dutch, and the possible involvement of the government in this. The Ministry of Justice and Security has just announced this. Political editing 06-12-18, 14:12 Last update: 14:25 Dutch officials may have been involved in illegal adoptions from Brazil in the past,… Read more »

Going home is not an option

Source: BY SHATAKSHI DWIVEDI AND SHAUNAK GHOSH ON NOVEMBER 15, 2018 When a couple opts for adoption, very few consider children with special needs. Foreigners often do. What holds us back? For four long years, Kajal (name changed), has been waiting for some kind couple to come and adopt her. This 11-year-old was abandoned at… Read more »

‘Maybe I robbed a mother of her child’

Source:   (Google Translation) Adoptees and their parents consider a lawsuit against the State after irregularities in adoptions from an Indonesian children’s home. Anouk Eigenraam May 30, 2018 Unsuspecting, Marius and Marjan Kooistra at the end of March were watching the television broadcast “Adoption Treachery” by Zembla , about irregularities in adoptions from Indonesia. They were… Read more »

The life of a whistleblower: Roelie Post

5 May 2018 Source: VPRO Adoption from abroad is increasingly being questioned. The research program Zembla recently paid attention to corruption in adoptions from Sri Lanka, and on television in April was the Dutch documentary drama ‘Exportbaby’, about corruption in adoptions from Uganda. Last year, the Council for Criminal Justice Application and Youth Protection advised to ban… Read more »


Source: By Janene Pieters on March 28, 2018 – 07:38 Adopted children from Sri Lanka and Indonesia filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government over errors in their adoption procedures in the 1980’s. They want the government to compensate the high costs they’re incurring in the search for their origin and biological parents, according to… Read more »

‘Tweede Kamer, doe onderzoek naar wantoestanden adoptie’

Source: Adoptie In een open brief reageren belangenorganisaties van geadopteerden op het spraakmakende advies vorig jaar van de Raad voor Strafrechtstoepassing en Jeugdzorg aan het kabinet om te stoppen met internationale adoptie. Anouk Eigenraam 5 december 2017 om 16:38 Een kind in Palna, een van de oudste geregistreerde kindertehuizen in Delhi. Jaarlijks worden ongeveer vierduizend… Read more »