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Given up for adoption at birth, a young woman reclaims her life

Source: Monisha in Goa earlier this year Monisha in Goa earlier this year Posted: October 26, 2014 By Monisha My name is Monisha. I’m 29 years old and I was brought up in the Netherlands. I was born in a government hospital in Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, in May 1985. My mother was raped when she was… Read more »


Source: by M.E. SYNON 26 Mar 2014 Members of the European Parliament have heard how Dutch social services seized ten-year old twins from a Russian-speaking Latvian family long resident in The Netherlands because the mother spoke Russian to the children in the home. Dutch child protection authorities also made a claim, later shown to be… Read more »

MEPs must investigate this child-snatching scandal

Source: Sunday 06 April 2014 CHRISTOPHER BOOKER Social workers who take away children is one of the most disturbing human rights scandals of our time Last June, under the heading “Dutch social workers catch the English disease”, I reported the extraordinary case of the 11-year-old Antonovs twins: a Russian-Latvian brother and sister forcibly snatched by… Read more »

Dutch couple faces adoption hitch

Source: Sunday, January 26th 2014 By WILLIS OKETCH A childless Dutch couple that came to Kenya in search of a child to adopt is locked in a legal battle with the Children’s Department in Kwale. Norefier Nielseen, 50, and his wife Olga Skvortsova, 47, started the adoption process last year after getting the child from… Read more »

Reunited: Adopted daughter finds mom after 26 years

Source: Deccan Chronicle Girl meets mother after 26 years DC | Gururaj A. Paniyadi | January 07 Joyce planting a coconut sapling — DC Mangalore: It was an emotional moment when 26-year-old Joyce who was adopted at an early age, finally met her biological mother on Saturday. Though Joyce, who is studying law in London, wanted… Read more »

Court upholds suspended jail terms for illegal baby adoption

Source: 6 December 2013 The appeal court in the Belgian city of Ghent has given suspended jail terms to a Dutch couple involved in an illegal adoption, according to Belgian media reports. The Dutch couple were given eight months suspended jail terms for buying the baby, known as Donna, in a complicated law suit involving… Read more »

Dutchman meets biological father in Mumbai

Source: Sep 21, 2013, 05.05AM IST TNN[ Stanley Pinto ] MANGALORE: India-born Dutch national Martijn Boerkamp met his biological father in Mumbai on Wednesday. And the meeting went well. Against Child Trafficking (ACT) consultant Anjali Pawar who did the ground work for the reunion said: “In fact, Martijn’s father said it was a really pleasant… Read more »

India-born adopted Dutchman reunites with family in Moodabidri

Source: Stanley Pinto, TNN | Sep 17, 2013, 10.07 PM IST India-born Dutch national Martijn Boerkamp was adopted by Dutch couple Bertus and Lies Boerkamp in 1982. MANGALORE: In the second such reunion here, India-born Dutch national Martijn Boerkampfinally met his family at Moodabidri on Sunday. The first was German national Eva Dohle who met… Read more »

Rising overseas adoptions — for black American children

Source: By Sophie Brown, for CNN Mon September 16, 2013 While adoptions to the U.S. are in steep decline, more U.S. children are being adopted abroad The rise of “open adoptions” where birth mothers choose adopting parents has led this trend Most U.S. children being adopted abroad are African American babies, adoption attorneys say Experts:… Read more »

Closed adoption system helping traffickers

Source: September 09, 2013 12:35 AM By India Stoughton The Daily Star BEIRUT: Adoption is often seen as a benevolent act. Rather than being brought up in an orphanage, a parentless child is given a home, stability and a loving family. In Lebanon, however, the closed adoption system has helped to transform the practice into… Read more »