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Argos: rechter Ethiopië verklaart adoptie Nederlands meisje Betty ongeldig

Source: Nieuwsbericht: Ethiopische rechter verklaart adoptie onwettig Geplaatst op 15 februari 2013       door Barbara Schreuders Nieuwsbericht Argos (HUMAN, VARA, VPRO) Een rechtbank in de Ethiopische hoofdstad Addis Ababa heeft deze week de adoptie van een 14-jarig meisje door Nederlandse adoptieouders ongeldig verklaard. Dit meldt het onderzoeksprogramma Argos (Radio 1) vandaag (vrijdag 15 februari 2013) dat… Read more »

Ethiopian girl had her adoption revoked

Politiken | 14.02.2013 | Page 7 Betty and her mother after the Court hearing. ADOPTION A Dutch adoption case, which looks like the two Danish cases has ended happily – at least for the girl Betty, who is now her real parents daughter again.

Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption

Source: Marthe Van Der Wolf February 11, 2013 ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — An Ethiopian court has revoked the adoption of a girl by a family in the Netherlands. This is the first time a foreign adoption has been revoked in Ethiopia’s long history of overseas adoption.

Adopted children are Ethiopia’s bitter fruits

INFORMAL TRANSLATION – Published in Danish in Politiken Politiken | 27.12.2012 | Page 8 | 815 words | Article ID: e395680a | Original Article The NGO Against Child Trafficking investigating a string of adoption proceedings for a Dutch agency, they found scores of illegal and unethical conditions. by Dorrit SAIETZ How does it work in… Read more »

Adoptie uit Afrikaanse landen onder de loep

Source: Adoptie uit Afrikaanse landen onder de loep Onjo 18 oktober 2012 Tweede Kamerlid Jeroen Recourt (PvdA) stelt Kamervragen aan de staatssecretaris van veiligheid en justitie over adoptie uit Afrikaanse landen. Dit doet hij naar aanleiding van de uitzending van Argos ‘Adoptie een markt van corruptie en geluk’. ‘Je ziet toch dat adoptie, wat… Read more »

Adoption, market of corruption and happiness

Source: 6 October 2012 Adoption is a possibility for parents to get a child. But adoption is also business and the adoption market is sensitive for corruption. Children are being stolen, money is paid. The biological parents who relinquish, often don’t understand what adoption means.

Netherlands maintains suspension adoptions Uganda

Informal translation of the letter of Secretary of State Fred Teeven to the Dutch Parliament – 27 September 2012 Adoptions from Uganda On 11 June 2011 I have decided, on the basis of the conclusions of a visit of a Ministerial delegation to Uganda, to suspend adoptions from Uganda. In my letter of that same… Read more »

India: Family Secrets

Source: 15 September 2012 Cross-border adoption: the trauma of knowing one was given away at birth and the travails of trying to find out why BY Mihir Srivastava EMAIL AUTHOR(S) Tagged Under | adoption | birth | foster parents BELONGING THE QUEST Arun Dohle, in his foster father’s lap

31 years on, daughter comes calling from Netherlands

Mumbai, 29 July 2012 Frontpage The Indian Express: Part I Part II Thirty-one years ago when an unwed mother surrendered her month-old baby at an orphanage, little did she imagine that her daughter would find a way into her life while she battled cancer at the age of 53. In a heartwarming rendezvous, Carina Roodenburg… Read more »

Dutch Government suspends intercountry adoption from Uganda

See also previous blog Secretary of State Fred Teeven today announced the suspension of adoptions from Uganda. A delegation of his Ministry will travel to Uganda to investigate 22 cases of children already matched with Dutch prospective adoptive families.