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Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking

Source: The director of the organisation has been accused of abetting a British national in unlawfully procuring a Nepali child and assisting in obtaining fraudulent documents to claim the baby. Head of Bal Mandir, nation’s oldest non-profit for children, arrested on charges of child trafficking Tsering D Gurung Published at : August 15, 2019… Read more »

Adoption row father faces jail threat for identifying children on Facebook

Source: By PRESS ASSOCIATION PUBLISHED:  8 June 2016 A father embroiled in an adoption row is facing a jail threat for revealing the identities of his children on the internet, including Facebook. A High Court family judge has given the father time to answer allegations that he breached court orders obtained by the London Borough… Read more »

‘Huge rise’ in newborn babies subject to care proceedings

Source: By Sanchia Berg There has been a “huge” rise in the number of newborns who are subject to care proceedings in England, according to figures compiled for the first time. Some 2,018 babies were involved in such cases in 2013, compared with 802 in 2008, the University of Lancaster said. About half were taken… Read more »

Police ignore judge’s order, to help Latvian family escape British social workers

Source: Foreign authorities have little regard for our increasingly notorious ‘child protection’ system By Christopher Booker 28 Nov Over the past three years, mounting alarm has been expressed by the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and various eastern European governments at the readiness of Britain’s social workers to seize an ever-growing number of children… Read more »


Source: Tuesday, 10 November 2015 A leading judge says he is “acutely conscious” of concerns voiced in parts of Europe about the “forced adoption” of children in England and Wales. Sir James Munby, the most senior family court judge in England and Wales, says English law allows children to be adopted without their parents’ consent… Read more »

Hedge funds have no place in children’s services

17 September 2015 Source: The Guardian Ray Jones Only in Britain do we delegate to the market crucial decisions about the welfare and safety of our most vulnerable children The direction of travel is clear: children’s services are to become a money maker. Photograph: Huw Jones/Alamy Sometimes in life there’s deja vu, the feeling that… Read more »

Government U-turn over privatising child protection services

Source: Outcry by social work experts leads ministers to say no to private companies but to consider charities and social enterprises Patrick Butler, social policy editor The Guardian, Friday 20 June 2014 18.45 BST Edward Timpson, children’s minister, said the aim was to offer local authorities ‘freedom to deliver services differently in order to achieve… Read more »

The real story of the ‘baby with no name’

Source: A stressed father had to leave his £90k job after his son was sent for adoption – but the public were not told the full story Christopher Booker By Christopher Booker4:56PM BST 31 May 2014 When Lord Justice Munby last year launched his admirable campaign to clean up our family courts from the… Read more »

Children removed from parents in England will come to Portugal

Source: (Translated from Portugese) ANA CRISTINA PEREIRA 04/18/2014 Proposal was presented by the social attaché at the embassy in London and the Consul General of Manchester. DANIEL ROCHA London The Lincolnshire Social Services accepted the proposal submitted Thursday by the social attaché at the embassy in London, José António Galaz , and the Consul General… Read more »