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Adoption watchdog suppresses Ethiopia findings

Source:   By Mary Ann Jolley for Foreign Correspondent Updated Tue Mar 2, 2010 12:42pm AEDT A powerful international adoption overseer is refusing to release the results of its inquiry into the disturbing activities of American adoption agencies operating in Ethiopia. The inquiry was launched after ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent exposed deep and dangerous flaws… Read more »

‘Sorry, I can’t disclose the identity of Haynes’s mum’ Mayura Janwalkar

Source: DNA Tuesday, February 9, 2010  Twenty-one years after 85-year-old Clarice D’souza gave away Jennifer Haynes, 28, in adoption to US national George Hancox, she filed an affidavit in the Bombay high court, stating that she could not disclose the identity of her biological mother. Haynes was deported to India owing to incomplete adoption… Read more »

Officials scramble over Minnesota adoption controversy

Arun Dohle, a German of Indian origin who was adopted as a child from India, told over the telephone that the girls were in Delhi [ Images ].

“Adoption is a big business in India,” he said. “Unfair practices are the standard thing in India and the cover up starts from top to bottom. Everyone goes scot-free after flouting laws.”

He is the founder of the Belgium-based advocacy group Against Child Trafficking and author of a 2008 law review article on Indian adoption fraud. He had created sensation with his adoption story as a child a few years ago.
The sisters’ return to India in 2008 prompted an Indian government review of the system. J K Mittal, chairman of India’s Central Adoption Resource Agency, said the investigation was not finished but that no fraud has been found.


Source: Date: 2010-01-16 The Mail reporter who revealed the reason Ireland had to end its adoption agreement with Vietnam returns to the country…and makes another deeply disturbing discovery; SPECIAL REPORT. Byline: by Simon Parry in Vietnam The Mail reporter who revealed the reason Ireland had to end its adoption agreement with Vietnam returns to… Read more »

New horror as traffickers grab children from hospital

Source: By Nick Allen Saturday January 23 2010 CHILDREN’S charities have voiced concern for the safety of thousands of orphans after Western nations began speeding up adoption procedures for the young survivors of Haiti’s earthquake. Countries, including France and Spain, have streamlined the process in the hope of getting young people to safety as… Read more »

Haiti’s orphan adoption debate

Source: Al Jazeera By Jacqueline Head, 2010-01-21 It is not known how many children have been orphaned by the earthquake [GALLO/GETTY] The plight of orphaned children in earthquake-hit Haiti has led to calls for international adoption processes to be sped up. But it has also raised the question of whether taking children away from their… Read more »

No Haitian Children for Adoption in Finland

Source: published Jan 20 07:30 PM, updated Jan 21 07:15 AM Girl being fed at a hospital in Haiti. Haitian children have no chance of being adopted by Finns despite last week’s earthquake disaster. Finnish adoption agencies currently have no permission to organise adoptions from the country. In some countries the rush to adopt children… Read more »

Glück auf Bestellung

Source: Archiv » 2010 » 12. Januar » Seite 3 Auslandsadoptionen sind für Eltern oft die letzte Chance, eine Familie zu gründen. Dahinter steht eine mächtige Lobby – bis hin zum Kinderhandel Thomas Schuler STRASSBURG. Manchmal muss man einen Umweg nehmen, um ans Ziel zu kommen. Roelie Post wäre in vier Stunden mit dem… Read more »

Romania should withstand pressure to lift ban on international adoptions

Source: RUPERT WOLFE MURRAY 13.11.2009 @ 15:34 CET EUOBSERVER / COMMENT – Ever since Romania prohibited international adoptions in 2001 it has been pressurised by the leaders of France, Italy, Israel, Spain and the US to lift the ban. Behind these politicians are private adoption agencies, adoptive parents and others interested in getting children… Read more »