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Police in Vietnam have arrested two people suspected of trafficking 20 babies

Source: Police in Vietnam have arrested two people suspected of trafficking 20 babies in the communist country since 2007, a report said Monday.  By Agence France-Presse November 9, 2009 / The two suspects, a man and a woman detained Saturday in the southern province of Dong Nai, had confessed to buying the babies… Read more »

Wikileaks: Uganda – Adoption Fraud

Source:  Date: 2009-10-27 F) ADOPTION FRAUD ¶22. (U) Ugandan law restricts a foreign citizen’s ability to adopt a Ugandan child, and the adoption process is complicated. Ugandan law requires that foreign adoptive parents be physically present in Uganda and foster the child for three years before an adoption is executed in Uganda. However, Ugandan… Read more »

How Our Children 29 Kids Were Trafficked To America!

Source:  Written by Peep Reporter    Wednesday, 21 October 2009 00:00 All roads seem to lead back to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs in the strange case of 29 children from Sierra Leone supposedly ‘adopted’ by U.S agency MAPS (Maine Adoption and Placement Services) in 1997 with the active collaboration… Read more »

Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says

Source: CNN September 12, 2009 Children stolen for adoption in the U.S., Sweden, Italy and France, report says Some parents were killed, others were unharmed when soldiers came calling Investigators examined period between 1977 and 1989, ‘peak’ adoption period Reports says many more could have been taken, investigation underway

Criminal Investigation Bureau busts smugglers

Source: Taipei Times STAFF WRITER Sunday, Aug 09, 2009, Page 3 The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) yesterday said it had broken up a human-trafficking ring that used the passports of Taiwanese Aboriginal children to smuggle Chinese minors into France. In June, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) made a similar breakthrough involving another group that used… Read more »


Source: SUA şi UE forţează redeschiderea adopţiilor internaţionale de Mircea Opris, 23/07/2009 Jurnalul Naţional a intrat în posesia unui document oficial al Congresului SUA, prin care 8 senatori şi 13 membri ai Congresului American cereau Guvernului român, încă din luna mai, redeschiderea adopţiilor in­ternaţionale. În paralel, Comitetul pentru Protecţia Copilului a făcut aceleaşi “recomandări”… Read more »

Girls seized, handed over for adoption

Source: Foreign families paid officials and orphanages Fiona Tam, Jul 02, 2009 About 80 newborn baby girls from a county in Guizhou have been confiscated from their parents by family planning officials since 2001 and handed over to foreign adoptive parents as orphans at a price of US$3,000 each, state media reported.

Adoption body orders inquiry into US case

Source: Times of India 11 Jun 2009, 0151 hrs IST, Swati Deshpande, TNN MUMBAI: The Central Adoption Resources Authority (CARA) has said that it has asked the Maharashtra government to conduct an inquiry and send a report on certain points in the case of an `alleged’ fraudulent adoption process carried out by an American agency… Read more »

Netherlands limits adoptions of US children

Source: 22 April 2009 THE HAGUE (AFP) — The Dutch government said Wednesday it would make it more difficult to adopt American children, who formed the third largest group of foreign adoptions in the Netherlands last year. “The adoption of children from the United States will be subjected to stricter requirements,” the justice ministry said… Read more »

Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption

Source: By Scott Carney | Mon March 9, 2009 10:59 AM PST This piece just won the Payne Award for Ethics Journalism. Read more about why here. Listen to an interview with the author. After hours hunched behind the wheel of a rented Kia, flying past cornfields and small-town churches, I’m parked on a Midwestern… Read more »