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Source: Date: 2013-11-27 An American couple in Knoxville, Tennessee has started a fundraising drive in their hometown to complete the adoption of a child from Guyana, but the Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency in Guyana, Ann Greene told News Source on Tuesday that the agency which overlooks all adoptions has “absolutely no record… Read more »

US-based couple wins adoption war in High Court

Source: By Sunil Baghel, Mumbai Mirror | Oct 20, 2013, 12.00 AM IST The legal battle between two couples, one based in Pune and the other an OCI (overseas citizens of India), over adoption of the same child has ended in favour of the latter. Mumbai Mirror reported on Friday a petition submitted to the… Read more »

U.S. Senator: Russia Stalling On Adoption, Children’s Rights Ombudsman An ‘Ass’

Source: By Richard Solash September 20, 2013 WASHINGTON — One of the U.S. Congress’s leading adoption advocates says negotiations with Russia over its politically charged ban on U.S. adoptions have “stalled.” Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat representing the state of Louisiana, says the U.S. government is “still working in diplomatic channels to try to open… Read more »

International adoption: I was stolen from my family

Source: By Tarikuwa Lemma, Special to CNN 16 September 2013 Tarikuwa Lemma: When she was 13, she went to the U.S. thinking she would be studying abroad Inside a few weeks, it became clear her family had been misled about her American “adoption” Lemma: “All the lies and deception comes down to money” Now a… Read more »

Rising overseas adoptions — for black American children

Source: By Sophie Brown, for CNN Mon September 16, 2013 While adoptions to the U.S. are in steep decline, more U.S. children are being adopted abroad The rise of “open adoptions” where birth mothers choose adopting parents has led this trend Most U.S. children being adopted abroad are African American babies, adoption attorneys say Experts:… Read more »

International adoption: Saving orphans or child trafficking?

Source: By Kevin Voigt, CNN Mon September 16, 2013 Advocates say the current international adoption system is holding orphans hostage in red tape Critics say the hunger for adopting children from developing nations feeds nefarious practices UNICEF estimates there are 18 million children without parents globally Holt International spokesperson: “Adoption is a business, there is… Read more »

International adoptions in decline as number of orphans grows

Source: By Kevin Voigt and Sophie Brown, CNN Mon September 16, 2013 After rising for decades, overseas adoptions have dropped by nearly half since 2004 Closure of Russia for U.S. adoptions and new rules in China have led the decline Countries like Guatemala have closed after allegations of corrupt adoption practices The number of children… Read more »

U.S. adoptive mother guilty of homicide in death of Ethiopian girl

Source: By Jonathan Kaminsky OLYMPIA, Washington | Mon Sep 9, 2013 11:09pm EDT (Reuters) – A U.S. adoptive mother accused of starving her 13-year-old Ethiopian-born daughter and locking her outside in the cold, where she died from exposure, was found guilty of homicide on Monday in Washington state. Hana Williams, adopted from Ethiopia in 2008,… Read more »

Closed adoption system helping traffickers

Source: September 09, 2013 12:35 AM By India Stoughton The Daily Star BEIRUT: Adoption is often seen as a benevolent act. Rather than being brought up in an orphanage, a parentless child is given a home, stability and a loving family. In Lebanon, however, the closed adoption system has helped to transform the practice into… Read more »

Agreement with US will ‘open door’ in adoption process

Source: 04 SEPTEMBER 2013 PARENTS hoping to adopt children received a welcome boost after the Irish and American governments agreed new arrangements for adoptions between the two countries. The new arrangement opens up the prospect of Irish-based families adopting children from the US. Adoptions into Ireland have dropped dramatically in the last four years, from… Read more »