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More adopted Russian kids at risk: Texas parents suspected of abuse

Source: Published time: April 03, 2013 11:41 Two teenage Russian girls have been removed from their adoptive parents and placed in a foster family as Texan authorities begin a probe into suspected threats and possible sexual abuse. The investigation was confirmed by the Texas Department for Family and Protective Services, Russian news services reported. According… Read more »

Russian teen ‘flees US adopters’

Source: From: AAP March 27, 2013 A RUSSIAN-BORN youth has run away from his adoptive parents in the United States and returned to his grandmother in provincial Russia, state television says, adding fuel to a furious row with Washington over adoption. State television made huge play of the story on its main bulletins, after the… Read more »

Moscow to create database of Russian children with foreign families – Lavrov

Source: Edited time: March 22, 2013 19:37Share on Tumblr Russia is working on a database on all Russian children adopted by foreigners says Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Moscow will push for a US response to its requests into suspected cases of abuse of Russian kids in adoptive American families. Lavrov addressed MPs on Friday after… Read more »

Adopted children are used as medical ‘guinea pigs’ in U.S for pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs

Source: 13 MARCH 2013 NO COMMENT Adopted children in American families sometimes become “guinea pigs” for pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs. Such children are prescribed five potent psychotropic medications at a time. This is beneficial both for the adoptive parents and health care professionals. Russian diplomats found that the adoptive mother of Maxim Kuzmin… Read more »

Russian demonstrators rally in support of U.S. adoption ban

Source: By Sonia Elks and Steve Gutterman | Reuters – 2 March 2013 View Photo Reuters/Reuters – People take part in a rally in defence of Russian children in Moscow, March 2, 2013. Demonstrators walked along Moscow streets to support the new law prohibiting the adoption of Russian children …more View Photo People march during… Read more »

Ukraine Moves to Probe Foreign Adoptions

Topic: US Adoption Ban © RIA Novosti. Sergey Venjavsky 23/02/2013 KIEV, February 23 (RIA Novosti) – Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy has initiated a probe into living conditions and health of Ukrainian children adopted by foreigners in a wake of a recent spat between Russia and the United States over alleged abuse of Russian adoptees… Read more »

Biological mother of dead Maksim wants her other son back from the US

Source: February 20, 2013 16:45 After the shocking news of the death of 3-year old Maksim Kuzmin, whilst in the care of an American adoptive family, his biological mother now wants his younger brother, Kirill Kuzmin, 2, back from the US. She claims to no longer be abusing alcohol. The biological mother of Maksim and… Read more »

Birth mother of adopted boy who died in the US wants to reclaim his brother

Source: 21/02/2013 MOSCOW, February 21 – RAPSI. The birth mother of Maxim Kuzmin who was adopted by the Shatto family in the US has asked the authorities to restore her parental rights to Maxim’s younger brother, Kirill, who is still living with the American family. Russian Children’s Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov has announced that Yulia… Read more »

Russia worried orphan ‘harmed by lesbian couple’

Source: Agence France-Presse February 20, 2013 (Globalpost/GlobalPost) Russia expressed “serious worry” Wednesday over the fate of a Russian boy adopted by an American woman who did not reveal that she is a lesbian, Moscow’s latest broadside in a growing war of words over adoption. The ministry’s human rights envoy Konstantin Dolgov said the situation in… Read more »