Ambassador wonders: How can Ethiopia be a living hell?

Date: 2014-08-11
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Ethiopian Ambassador is surprised that Denmark will not let Amy visit her native country
Dorrit Saietz Journalist

Ethiopia is a country with 94 million people living a decent life
Woinshet Tadesse, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the Nordic countries
In Stockholm sits Ethiopia’s ambassador to the Nordic countries, a woman named Woinshet Tadesse, and wonders deeply about what is going on in Denmark. Why the authorities will not allow a young girl to visit his family and attend as a witness in a completely lawful civil lawsuit?

„It is up to the Court to decide what is best for the child in this whole situation, and they want to hear Amy’s testimony,“ said Ambassador Woinshet Tadesse. „Therefore, it is very unfortunate that she will not be allowed to travel to Ethiopia.“

„We always work from the child. If she wants to go Ethiopia and visit her parents and family, perfect. If she’d rather be in Denmark, it is also fine,“ she says.

But there is a real risk that she may be held back in Ethiopia?

„We cannot anticipate the Court’s decision. If the Court decides to overturn the adoption, so it’s up to Amy and her mother to decide if she should stay in Ethiopia or in Denmark. There no authority will interfere in the matter – it’s her biological mother, and she is alive. And she has clearly stated that she has no interest in keeping Amy back in Ethiopia, „said Woinshet Tadesse.

Even if this happens, she finds a private lawyer’s claim that it would be a disaster and „a living hell“ for Amy to stay in Ethiopia, completely wrong.

„Ethiopia is a country with 94 million people living a decent life, including this lawyer. How can it be ‚a living hell‘ and why it is so even long-term – it is because he has not been adopted? It’s embarrassing, „she says.

But what about the many poor people in Ethiopia – or the orphans?

„There is poverty in many places, not only in Ethiopia. Even in the United States is poor. Poverty is not a disease, and we have made many advances through development. Over the last decade, poverty is halved and children are far better schooling and health, „she says.

Woinshet Tadesse find it perfectly normal and natural that Amy will visit his country and his family.

„That’s her right. Here in Sweden I know of several families who have adopted children from Ethiopia, who take the children to visit their families and their country. You cannot break the bond with their biological families and parents. “