No small part of the illegal trafficking of children, takes babies in families, under the scalpel

Date: 2015-04-17

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Criminologists wrecked new channel for baby trafficking in Greece.  Involved are residents of the Municipality Kameno near Burgas. Burgas Regional Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against three of those involved in the black business. The trial against a man and two women began in May.

For the participants in the business of flesh children are not children, but goods. Women who give birth are not mothers but factories. With these words, we meet people in Kameno. Few dare to stand before the camera. It turns out the Roma neighborhood in one of the poorest municipalities is full of big houses and nice cars. Here trade newborns thrived for 15 years. It stops briefly afte part of the smugglers being arrested. But then business quickly revived because traffickers begin to seek pregnant women.

The fate of sold babies is different. Some fall into the normal family conditions, but others are kept for organ donations. The latter case revealed no surprise to criminologists.

Two young gypsy village of Exarch Antimovo voluntarily sell their babies. Of confession, it was clear that one has earned 7000 lev for the newborn and the other much less. Most of the money is picked up by the smugglers. The case attracted three accused of Kameno. On street „Stara Planina“ lives 41-year-old Sarah Raicheva. The woman is unemployed widow, but manages convertible and occupies the property with her three children. Sarah is accused of trafficking in newborns in Greece, but according to her mother money by watching adults in our southern neighbor. Rumors in Kameno however others. Tahir neighbor Sarah. Categorically that the sale of babies is not a crime. Or if it is not so serious. It was important to have money. ’s mother-in defendant argues that gossip about a lot of gold and other tangible benefits of her daughter are exaggerated.