Go ahead for Delphine Boël to seek recognition as King Albert’s daughter

Source: http://deredactie.be

Wed 03/02/2016 – 16:51 CDC
Belgium’s constitutional court has ruled that Delphine Boël may continue her search for recognition as Old King Albert’s daughter. The ruling means that the matter can once again be argued before a civil court.
The London-based artiste Delphine Boël is officially the daughter of Jacques Boël Esq. King Albert is thought to have had a relationship with Boël ’s wife, Sybille de Selys Longchamps, and daughter Delphine has been seeking official recognition that she is King Albert’s daughter in the courts. As a first step Jacques Boël’s paternity has to be revoked. By law Delphine Boël is too old for this to happen. This procedure has to be initiated before you turn 22 or within a year of learning that your parent is not your parent.

The Constitutional court has now ruled that the right to know who your biological father is, is more important than the 22 year age limit and that, consequently, Delphine Boël need not comply with the legal age limit. To the outside world Delphine Boël was always Jacques Boël’s daughter, but the court has now ruled that knowing your true parentage is more important than existing family ties.