The Rise and Fall of Adoptions from Ethiopia

9 March 2016

After the adoptions from Romania, Guatemala, Cambodia etc. stopped, the adoption caravan travelled to Ethiopia.

A rapid rise in numbers of adopted children, should always raise alarm bells.

In 2009, Dutch adoption agency Wereldkinderen (NICWO) commissioned a field research to ACT.  Below our sad conclusions.

Country after country came – years overdue – to the same conclusions.  Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland now all stopped. Denmark just now joined them.

Fruits of Ethiopia –  intercountry adoption: The Rights of the Child, or the “Harvesting” of Children?


The findings of the research:

Overall, the current adoption system actively creates an unwarrantedly high number of children available for adoption.  Intercountry adoption is in reality privileged to any other in-country suitable manner of care.

Local child protection policies, while existing, are not implemented, while the intercountry adoption market is more and more taking control of the local child protection, as well as the social and health sector.The adoption process is riddled by fraud and other criminal activities. Parents are stated dead, whereas they are not, dates of birth are falsified, false information is provided to the Courts.

But most important: The demand-driven intercountry adoption process is breaking up families, who could be helped in building up their lives with a fraction of the money involved in intercountry adoption.

Source:  Fruits of Ethiopia –  intercountry adoption: The Rights of the Child, or the “Harvesting” of Children?