Suspicious adoption of Congolese children: prosecution investigates all adoptions from the Tumaini orphanage

Source: LaNouvelleGazette
0 May 2017The federal prosecutor’s office will launch an investigation into all adoptions from the Congolese orphanage Tumanini, Het Laatste Nieuws said Wednesday, relaying information from the spokesman of the federal prosecutor’s office. Three adoptions are suspected of being illegal and eight others, also from the Kinshasa orphanage, are going under the microscope of the investigators.


In November 2015, eleven Congolese orphans arrived in Belgium. Three of them, declared as orphans, had a false identity and still have biological parents in their country of origin. The cases of these three children will be examined in the Family Court.

The federal prosecutor’s office will launch an inquiry into the other eight adoption cases and will also look at all the Congolese adoptions that have been made since the beginning of the collaboration with the orphanage in 2012.

It is not yet possible to determine the number of cases to be examined. But Julienne Mpemba, who headed the orphanage, suggested to the investigators that „thirty to forty“ children had been delivered to adoptive parents in Belgium and the United States.