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Adoption Alert: Eastern African countries stand up against child trafficking

ACT congratulates the East African Legislative Assembly with its decision to abolish international child adoption to stop the likelihood of children falling into the hands of traffickers. ACT has heard from independent sources that during the June 2015 Hague Adoption Conference, African representatives refered to intercountry adoption as being somehow associated to the history of slavery and… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: ACT denounces media campaign against Latvian MOTHER

Hereby we take a stand against the negative media campaign against Laila Brice. Portraying her as an unfit mother is far beside the truth. Let us be clear. In an adoption-driven system, this can happen to all parents. Laila Brice has proven to be able to raise a child. Her adult daughter is the living… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Italy’s troubling times

26 June 2015 In Italy, the Central Authority for Intercountry Adoptions has concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Police, the Carabinieri. Da oggi i carabinieri controlleranno l’adozione internazionale: finirà, finalmente, la piaga dei pagamenti in contanti e in nero? From now on, the Police will have to ensure that the fundamental rights of… Weiter »

9th EU Forum on the Rights of the Child

11 June 2015 For those who were not able to attend the 9th EU Forum on the Rights of the Child, or were not allowed to participate,  ACT hereby provides the links to the videos. FIRST DAY 3 June 2015 http://webcast.dbvideo.tv/9th-European-Forum-on-the-rights-of-the-child (live) ended NOT YET AVAILABLE SECOND DAY 4 June 2015  Plenary Session http://webcast.dbvideo.tv/9th-european-forum-rights-child-plenary-session-1-introduction Session… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: RIP CHIFF, Hello Global Alliance for Children!

Things cannot get any clearer! Were you still wondering what the new Adoption Lobby is up to after CHIFF died? Well, there is the US Action Plan for Children in Adversity – read about it in one of ACT’s previous Alerts – MUST READ: Would you believe in such a setup? Backer of this US… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: The French to adopt children from American Foster Care

The United States ratified the Hague Adoption Convention in 2008. Against all expectations, American children remained available for intercountry adoptions. Most such adoptions concern newborns who are relinquished by their American mothers directly to foreigners. The Secretary of the Hague Conference, Ms. Jenny Degeling, informed the Dutch authorities that this would be a breach of… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Letter to President Obama (via contact form)

Arun Dohle  15 October 2014 Dear President Obama, on 8th April 2014 Lumos together with UK Member of the European Parliament brokered a round table in the European Parliament. The Title: A Global Approach to Ending the Institutionalisation of Children:“How the EU and the USA can join forces to help children in adversity around the… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: LUMOS brokering for the US Children in Adversity

14 October 2014 Adoption and fostering is so important in helping children grow up in a family. A new UK pilot project is launched http://t.co/vAY578Qcs0 — Lumos (@lumos) July 29, 2013 LUMOS promoting Adoption Parties Mary Landrieu, long time partizan for expanding intercountry adoptions, is a fervent supporter of the Children in Adversity Plan. Not… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: Danish Minister proud on broad political agreement?

2 October 2014 Danish Minister Manu Sareen: Vi har netop indgået en bred politisk aftale om fremtidens adoptionssystem. Børnenes behov er i centrum. Stolt! pic.twitter.com/9kne8JFkMK — Manu Sareen (@manusareen) October 2, 2014 Translation: We have just signed a broad political agreement on the future adoption system. Children’s needs are at the center. Proud! But what… Weiter »

Adoption Lobby Alert: European Commission funding online Adoption Database (tracking system) in Romania.

21 September 2014 7 million euro EU taxpayer’s money to implement the Hague Adoption Convention. For national and intercountry adoptions. The IT system will register all children in care and declare them ‚adoptable‘ automatically, after a certain time-frame elapsed.  First for national adoption and then for intercountry adoption. Catering the demand. Families certified to adopt… Weiter »