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Who’s against Madge’s adoption plans?

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/  28 Mar 2009, 1246 hrs IST, IANS   A woman wants to stop pop star Madonna from adopting her granddaughter, alleging the singer is „stealing“  The 50-year-old Madonna had almost finalised the 19-month long effort to adopt four-year-old Mercy James, but the child’s grandmother Lucy Chekechiwa is now trying to prevent this, reports thesun.co.uk…. Weiter »

Stopp für Adoption

Source:tt.com/tt/tirol/story.csp 24.1.2009 Auslandsadoption: Bei Vermittlungen aus Äthiopien waren gefälschte Dokumente im Spiel – die TT berichtete. Nun wurden Adoptionen aus diesem Land gestoppt.

Child adoption process needs to be transparent

Source: http://ibnlive.in.com Oct 21, 2007 India, Parul Malik, CNN-IBN New Delhi: Misinformation violates the rights of biological parents, of the child and the adoptive parents. And yet adoption is crucial for thousands of destitute children. So it is important to look at solutions that would make the entire process transparent and free from racketeers. Chaya Maria… Weiter »

Broken, broken by the „Adoption Mafia‘

De Telegraaf, 2 June 2007 The scandal around fifty illegally adopted Indian children is only the tip of the iceberg. Only in recent months similar practices came to light in Sri Lanka and Nepal, where hundreds of children are being channeled for big money to Western (probably Dutch) adoptive parents, pedophile rings and possibly even… Weiter »

Cavada and Gibault Are Making a Confusion Between the Romanian Orphans and Goods

Source: Adevarul Date: 2006-11-10 A few MEPs were desperately trying to start again the international scandal regarding the situation of the Romanian orphans and the restart of intercountry adoptions. The MEPs Jean Marie Cavada and Claire Gibault organized a long conference with European public and press which had as title “Towards European policy an adoption”… Weiter »

Des Orphelins roumains Une affaire de millions d’euros

(un exposé sur Francois de Combret et son lobby pour les adoptions internationales) Publication: “Saptamana Financiara” (“The Financial Weekly”) Date:lundi October 9, 2006 Type: Investigation / Front page lead Auteur: Robert Veress Image from double page spread (P.4/5)   Nombre d’organisations européennes font un lobby puissant pour la reprise des adoptions internationales Introduction Ce n’est… Weiter »

Adoption victim meets her mother after 9 years

Date: 2005-12-25 Source: http://indiapulse.sulekha.com Dec. 25: A 17-year-old girl who was fraudulently given away in adoption when she was eight met her mother after nearly nine years. The meeting was initiated by her adoptive parents, Americans from Alabama in the United States.

A tussle in Andhra Pradesh

Date: 2005-05-21 Source: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com A tussle in Andhra Pradesh RAVI SHARMA in Hyderabad In Andhra Pradesh, the first State to ban voluntary agencies from placing children in adoption, the government is under tremendous pressure to reverse the situation. P.V. SIVAKUMAR A protester belonging to the Progressive Organisation for Women grappling with women police personnel outside… Weiter »

Babies-for-sale trade faces a global crackdown

Source: Guardian Attempts by Western families to adopt children from poor nations have fuelled a rogue market in young lives. But at last action is being taken. Carolyn Wheeler reports from Lviv, Ukraine * Carolyn Wheeler * guardian.co.uk, Sunday November 21 2004 01.12 GMT * Article history The thick stack of photographs pulled from a… Weiter »

Brussels warns EU hopeful Romania over child adoptions

Source: www.eubusiness.com24 February 2004 The European Commission issued a barely-veiled warning to Romania Tuesday to adopt new child protection laws to get its troubled EU membership bid back on track. With EU lawmakers demanding Brussels break off talks with Bucharest because of the unchecked adoption of Romanian children by Western couples, the EU executive stepped… Weiter »