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Adoption Industry Guilty As Charged?

27 April 2014 On December 3, 2009, the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) presented to its members its Stakeholder Initiative, a  proposal to change the organization. It seemed, if nothing changed, JCICS would have to close its doors somewhere in the year 2010. The proposed plan was confidential and intended for JCICS members… Weiter »

Children removed from parents in England back to Portugal. Latvia next!

18 April 2014 Glad to report some happy news! A Portuguese family had their five children taken by the Social Services of the UK. The two youngest were put up for adoption. The parents went up in arms. Even went to the European Parliament in Brussels. Today the parents received excellent news: their children will… Weiter »

Florida adoption ‘ethics’ warning on subsidiarity

14 April 2014 Today’s news from Ireland. New information came to light following a request under the Freedom for Information ACT: Just months before Ireland signed an adoption agreement with the US, the Adoption Authority (AAI) admitted there were wide ranging “difficulties” with the “practice and ethics” of adoptions from Florida. Responding to concerns from… Weiter »

STOP the sale of Roma children under the guise of intercountry adoption

4/4/2014 Today the European Commission organises the third ROMA SUMMIT Around 500 representatives of EU institutions, national governments and parliaments, international organisations, mayors, civil society organisations (including Roma organisations) and local and regional authorities are invited to express their views on how to deliver further on the implementation of the EU Framework for national Roma integration… Weiter »

Is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child part of European Law?

25 March 2014 This is a strange issue. And a very important issue, because where would we be without the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child being part of European Law, the so-called Acquis Communautaire. What would be the legal basis, binding, for deciding and implementing policies? During last week’s European Parliament’s Petition Committee, while… Weiter »

JCICS Conference call: Adoptions gone TOXIC (UPDATED)

8 March 2014 ACT received through the grapevine the audio file of the Conference Call of the Ethiopian Caucus of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services held on 6 March 2014. Presenting themselves as an advocacy group for children, for real the JCICS is nothing less than the voice of the adoption industry. In… Weiter »

Yes We Can – ACT Against Child Trafficking

12 February 2014 ACT welcomes the indictment of four Employees of Adoption Agency ‚International Adoption Guide‘.  They were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States in Connection with Ethiopian adoptions. Already in 2009, ACT at the request of the Dutch adoption agency Wereldkinderen (N.I.C.W.O./aka World Children) did extensive research and came the similar conclusions… Weiter »

Irish forced adoption and intercountry adoption – two of a kind

8 February 2014 Just wondering shen people will start to connect this to the current intercountry adoption practices. The church and other religious groups are, as we know,still  heavily involved in adoptions from abroad. There are mothers all over the world, adoptees all over the world, all wanting the same: open records, acknowledgment that what… Weiter »

French Minister: C’est fini! Intercountry adoption is finished!

24 Janaury 2014 Despite the French attempt to double the number of intercountry adoptions, in 2008 see HERE “Each year we adopt in France 3 000 to 4 000 children, but painfully. Between 2006 and 2007, we recorded a decline of over 20% of international adoption in France for example while in Italy it increased by 9%”… Weiter »

Arun Dohle: my history & current work

31 December 2013 It´s a long story- the beginning of my [Arun Dohle’s] work. As many adoptees I started to search for my roots and at the end was left with no other option then filing a case in the Indian courts. That´s how I learned that adoption is not about what is „good” for… Weiter »