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ACT’s calls on Unicef to stop using the word ‚orphans‘

17 September 2013 Today CNN has launched the first of a series of articles about intercountry adoption. Coincidence or not, it follows right after a critical series done by Reuters: The Child Exchange CNN’s article of today sets a different tone: International adoptions in decline as number of orphans grows. The main adoption proponents are… Weiter »

ACT supports that Russian parliament outlaws American adoptions

26 December 2012 It would be a great ending of this year, when Russia’s President will outlaw American adoptions. And, extend the ban to all countries, as announced by Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov. It takes a lot of strength and courage to do so. The ‚adoption lobby‘ is powerful and knows how to play their game…. Weiter »

Netherlands maintains suspension adoptions Uganda

Informal translation of the letter of Secretary of State Fred Teeven to the Dutch Parliament – 27 September 2012 Adoptions from Uganda On 11 June 2011 I have decided, on the basis of the conclusions of a visit of a Ministerial delegation to Uganda, to suspend adoptions from Uganda. In my letter of that same… Weiter »

Dutch Government suspends intercountry adoption from Uganda

See also previous blog Secretary of State Fred Teeven today announced the suspension of adoptions from Uganda. A delegation of his Ministry will travel to Uganda to investigate 22 cases of children already matched with Dutch prospective adoptive families.

African Child Policy Forum – critical voices or…?

30 May 2012 Alarming news comes from the conference currently being held in Addis Abeba. The African Child Policy Forum organised this event. The agenda seems clear: in order to stop Africa from being the new adoption hub, all African countries should ratify the Hague Covention. Truth is, as Hans van Loon publicly said in… Weiter »

Netherlands likely to suspend adoptions from Uganda

Informal translation of transcrips of the Debate in the Dutch Parliament on intercountry adoptions, as held in The Hague on 19 April 2012. Speaker: Secretary of State for Justice Fred Teeven. Page 29 Recently a delegation of my ministry made a working visit to Uganda. The reason of this ministerial working visit was that I… Weiter »

The Dutch rescue of Hatian children through adoption

Just days after the devastating earthquake in Haiti on 12 January 2010, the Dutch government announced its intention to expedite pending adoptions from the country. On 21 January the children were flown out of Haiti. ACT has requested the Dutch Ministry of Justice the letter on the basis of which this expedition was undertaken. On Sunday… Weiter »

MOWA confirms intend to prevent further unethical and illegal adoptions

Today ACT received copy of a letter sent by the Ethiopian Ministry of Women Affairs (MOWA) to the President of the Ethiopian Federal First Instance Court, dated 23/2/2011, that confirms that Ethiopia wants to prevent further unethical and illegal acts in relation to adoption. The letter confirms the ‚rumours‘ that MOWA will review 5 adoptions per day, instead… Weiter »

Legalising adoptions – food for thought (1)

1 April 2011 United Adoptees International (UAI), on their Blog, alert to the fact that the fastest growing Dutch adoption agency NAS is pushing for reopening Haitian adoptions by way of an Internet petition. The Dutch Secretary of State Fred Teeven had decided in December 2010 to temporarily suspend these adoptions. „Due to the limited capacity… Weiter »