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Where Magic Lives

Source: www.mnet.co.za International Adoptions     Date: 21-05-2006 Producer: Marion Edmunds   Genre: Children Children for parents, and parents for children… International adoption is a new solution, as childless couples seek sons and daughters beyond their borders. Ruda Landman (Carte Blanche presenter): ‚Infertility is becoming more and more of a problem in prosperous communities, and… Weiter »

SA ‚exports‘ babies to other countries

Source:http://www.iol.co.za  28 August 2005 Increasing numbers of South African babies are leaving the country with foreigners who are being allowed to adopt them because of the growing numbers who need homes, partly due to being orphaned by Aids. The number of foreigners wanting to adopt children outnumbers South Africans, especially when adoption across race is… Weiter »


Source: Newsbrief CAPE TOWN 14 April 2005 Sapa International adoptions of South African children are in a state of legal limbo, with legislation to give effect to an international convention signed in 2003 not yet enacted. „In effect we have a legal anomaly. We have acceded to a legal convention, but everything that we are… Weiter »

Greece’s Black-Market Babies Come Home

This article was published on 22.09.1996 in the Seattle Times. Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories. ATHENS, Greece – Forty-one years ago a frightened Greek child of 5, stolen from her mother, landed in America to begin a new life.

Muslims at the Cape want to Romanian orphans provide a better future

Source: wissen.spiegel.de DER SPIEGEL 27/1990 of 02.07.1990, page 142 Google translation: Muslims at the Cape want to Romanian orphans provide a better future. But the apartheid stands in your way. The benefactor of the poor, „says the bearded man behind the counter sales of the apparel business,“ came 500 years into the sky rather than selfish… Weiter »