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(English) Tough report on adoptions from abroad: cabinet urged to stop

Source: https://www.ad.nl Tough report on adoptions from abroad: cabinet urged to stop The adoption of children from abroad must be stopped completely for the time being. A committee led by former top civil servant Tjibbe Joustra draws this conclusion in a report to be published, sources around the cabinet report. The outgoing government team is… Weiter »

Viewers ‚Traceless‘ [Spoorloos] in tears through the story of Somna (21)

Source: Libelle The Romanian Somna (21) was less than 3 years old when she was adopted. In the Spoorloos program, she goes to search her biological mother together with presenter Derek Bolt. The 21-year-old Somna was a toddler of almost 3 years old when she was adopted from Romania by her Dutch parents Hans and Ritam. Happy childhood… Weiter »

Illegale Adoptionen bleiben durch das Wegsehen von Behörden weiter möglich

Quelle: https://adoptie.nl Juni 2019 Text Hélène van Beek Cum laude. So hat Elvira Loibl ihren Doktorgrad am 15. Mai mit der Arbeit „Der länderübergreifende illegale Adoptionsmarkt: eine Kriminologische Studie des deutschen und nierländischen Systems der internationalen Adoption“ an der Universität Maastricht erlangt. Die Jounalistin Hélène van Beek hat sich die 518 Seiten lange Dissertation angesehen und… Weiter »

Kidnapping for adoption proven: guilty as charged

In 2007 Arun Dohle brought out the news that an Indian couple was looking for their kidnapped son. He had traced them after having read about it in the Indian news. For 12 years Arun Dohle and Roelie Post (ACT) supported the couple in their desperate search for a sign of life of their son…. Weiter »