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Illegale Adoptionen bleiben durch das Wegsehen von Behörden weiter möglich

Quelle: https://adoptie.nl Juni 2019 Text Hélène van Beek Cum laude. So hat Elvira Loibl ihren Doktorgrad am 15. Mai mit der Arbeit „Der länderübergreifende illegale Adoptionsmarkt: eine Kriminologische Studie des deutschen und nierländischen Systems der internationalen Adoption“ an der Universität Maastricht erlangt. Die Jounalistin Hélène van Beek hat sich die 518 Seiten lange Dissertation angesehen und… Weiter »

Pentru prietenii noștri români

Mai 2010 Transcript Question about the international pressure on Romania to resume ICA. I will not avoid the word mafia for this lobby, because there are elements which these lobby organisations use that are similar to the mafia. It is not clear and explicit which sources fund their projects. These NGOs working for intercountry adoption… Weiter »

The EU #UnitedforSorina

We are following since a few weeks the public outcry in Romania: United for Sorina. It is dramatic. An 8-year-old girl removed by Police forces from her foster family because she was adopted by a Romanian family living in the US. They paid 30.000 dollars to the American adoption agency. The girl is still in… Weiter »

Open submission to the Working Group on Illicit Adoptions – Hague Adoption Convention

From: Arun Dohle [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Dienstag, 14. Mai 2019 11:13 To: ‚Laura Martinez-Mora‘ Subject: RE: working group „illicit practices“ meeting   Dear Mrs. Laura Martinez Morah, Thank you for your swift reply and we are glad that at least the Permanent Bureau opens the door a tiny bit for adoptee organizations. However, as we discussed on phone, this is… Weiter »

Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 4

  Source: ARGOS  Broadcasted on 5 May 2018 English translation Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 4 In the European Commission and the European Parliament many lobbyists are active who all try to get things done. Mostly people with status.  One of the mightiest lobbyists was the previously mentioned François de Combret.  He was… Weiter »

Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 3

  Source: ARGOS  Broadcasted on 5 May 2018 English translation Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 3 Someone who also personally got confronted with this heavy pressure of the adoption lobby, is Gunter Verheugen. This German politician was as Commissioner for the European Commission responsible for the accession of new members to the EU…. Weiter »

Roelie Post, the life of a whistle-blower

  Source: ARGOS  Broadcasted on 5 May 2018 English translation Roelie Post: The Life of a Whistle-Blower Part 1 But first our investigation. About a sensitive subject: adoption of a child from abroad is more and more under discussion. The investigative programme Zembla recently brought the news about adoptions from Sri Lanka and in April… Weiter »

Rockie Awards: Manufactured Orphans

ACT is proud to announce that Manufactured Orphans was awarded the Rockie Award for best Digital Non-Fiction Series Manufactured Orphans MCN International Pte Ltd / Channel NewsAsia Singapore The series are based on the full documentary – which can be watched HERE Watch the trailer where with the help of ACT, a Swedish adoptee follows the criminal… Weiter »

Open Letter from Against Child Trafficking to the European Parliament

From: Arun Dohle <[email protected]>Date: 29 May 2018 at 20:35Subject: Open letter: Child trafficking / Roelie PostTo: [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] President Tajani, Yesterday I received documents under Regulation 1049/2001 in relation to correspondence between the EP and Euradopt regarding the collaboration of the EP’s Milan office and Euradopt. Here the link to the documents I received: https://www.asktheeu.org/en/request/euradopt_2018?nocache=incoming-17471#incoming-17471 It turns out that Euradopt… Weiter »