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International Social Services, from India to Romania (Part 3)

By Roelie Post (guest blogger) When in 2011/2012 the filming of Stolen Children – Intercountry Adoptions from India was ongoing in ACT’s office in Brussels, I got drawn into the details of the German/Indian trafficking case. Arun was talking in German with the journalist, explaining to her the involvement of the German branch of International… Read more »

International Social Service, little did I know – Part 2

Arun Dohle Part I  International Social Service, little did I know Little did I know, but bit by bit I got to know more: Around 2002/2003 child trafficking for intercountry adoption got uncovered in Andhra Pradesh (India). One of the human rights defenders involved in this entered into a direct online dialogue with a group… Read more »

International Social Service, little did I know

Arun Dohle In 1973 I was adopted from India to Germany, like many of you who may read this. My views on adoption were bottom-line quite positive, just as my view on organisations involved in this, like International Social Service (ISS). Little did I know… In 1999 I got my first access to the Internet… Read more »

Conflict of Interest of FIOM-ISS in roots searches for adoptees

Last year ACT wrote to the Dutch Minister of Justice to inform him about the serious conflict of interest that the FIOM-ISS has regarding the roots-searches of adoptees. Note about FIOM/ISS 15 November 2019 The Ministry of Justice considers the involvement of the FIOM in the planning of the funding for organisations which execute searches… Read more »

Ten Years On… Mission Accomplished!

Ten years ago, 22 December 2009, Dutch newspaper Trouw published the very first interview with Against Child Trafficking (ACT). Set up in 2008 by Roelie Post and Arun Dohle, at the behest of the European Commission, we claimed that intercountry adoption was a legalized form of child trafficking and that we wished it to be… Read more »

Revisiting China’s adoption policy

It was in 2008 that documentary-maker Geert-Jan Lassche asked Arun Dohle (ACT) for help in regard to adoptions from China. He needed background information, contacts. In short: ACT’s knowledge. The outcome: two dramatic documentaries, which shook the Dutch adoption world. Wereldkinderen’s biggest adoption agency’s director resigned. Because of admitting she did wrong by ignoring previous… Read more »

Illegal adoptions remain possible by authorities looking away

Source: June 27, 2019 Text Hélène van Beek Cum laude. That’s how lawyer Elvira Loibl obtained her PhD at Maastricht University on 15 May with the thesis ‘The transnational illegal adoption market: A criminological study of the German and Dutch intercountry adoption systems’. Journalist Hélène van Beek looked at the 518-page dissertation and read… Read more »

Pentru prietenii noștri români

Mai 2010 Transcript Question about the international pressure on Romania to resume ICA. I will not avoid the word mafia for this lobby, because there are elements which these lobby organisations use that are similar to the mafia. It is not clear and explicit which sources fund their projects. These NGOs working for intercountry adoption… Read more »

The EU #UnitedforSorina

We are following since a few weeks the public outcry in Romania: United for Sorina. It is dramatic. An 8-year-old girl removed by Police forces from her foster family because she was adopted by a Romanian family living in the US. They paid 30.000 dollars to the American adoption agency. The girl is still in… Read more »

Open submission to the Working Group on Illicit Adoptions – Hague Adoption Convention

From: Arun Dohle [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Dienstag, 14. Mai 2019 11:13 To: ‘Laura Martinez-Mora’ Subject: RE: working group “illicit practices” meeting   Dear Mrs. Laura Martinez Morah, Thank you for your swift reply and we are glad that at least the Permanent Bureau opens the door a tiny bit for adoptee organizations. However, as we discussed on phone, this is… Read more »