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Adoption Lobby Alert

ACT had decided to support the idea of an independent Expertisecentrum. We still believe that something like this is needed. Therefore we participated in the meetings regarding the design process as far as practically possible as digital attendence was often not allowed.

We insisted that organisations which assist adoptees get sufficent funding to assist with a high quality of service adoptees and their families. It became very quickly clear that there will not be much funding available and the major chunck of funding willl go to the FIOM/ ISS.

ISS / FIOM is very much the architect of the system and cannot at all be considered “independent”. They even were directly involved in adoptions and clear cut trafficking.

We started to complain hard, the moment the Minister informed the Tweedekamer that the Expertisecentrum will be embedded in within FIOM/ ISS.

First complaints were not even acknowledged and replied to. We turned to the Ombudsman, they played it back to us.  What a theater.

Adoptees should be aware of how the Ministry actually suffocates and hampers the work of organisations who have a track record and assist adoptees since decades with their roots searches, sucessfully.

Adoptees are being played against each other instead of facilitating good cooperation, fairness and exchange of expertise.

We still believe that there are other organisations, who could have set up the Expertisecentrum in a rather short amount of time. To say there is only FIOM is not correct. It is a lie.

Therefore the ministry violated public procurement regulations.

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